The first stage of any dental treatment involves a thorough evaluation of the patient’s oral health. This task should be performed by well-trained and registered dental professionals working within their scope of practice. This, my friends, is a fundamental patient care issue.

Why is it so important to ensure you opt for the right invisible aligners, such as Invisalign near you? Numerous reasons require your attention. But first, you should visit a dentist near you to assess if you are a suitable candidate for this type of treatment. Doing so makes perfect sense and will not leave you wondering if Invisalign is right for you.

Why Consent is Needed

Consent must be obtained before treatment begins. The only person who can get informed consent for orthodontic treatment is a dental practitioner.

Therefore, the patient cannot consent to treatment in the clinic. Importantly, consent can only be retrospective if the aligners are designed before the patient attends the monitoring orthodontist. This involves considerable risk. However, fully informed consent can be obtained if the dentist in Barrie physically examines the patient and orders the aligners after the examination has been performed.

Also, scans need to be scrutinized before creating the aligners. Scanning is classified as the practice of dentistry.

Who Would Take Responsibility for the Treatment?

That would be the dentist who is monitoring the treatment. The staff in the dental clinic who planned the treatment are not responsible. Consequently, if there are severe difficulties with the treatment, the monitoring dentist would be the one subjected to an inquiry.

U.S dental regulation would vary from State to State.

What is the Functionality for Invisalign?

The best part is these are invisible. Once you look at them, you will think how a bleaching tray will be capable of moving your teeth? However, these are made of a special thermoplastic resin that is capable of exerting a transient force on the teeth and thus, aligns them.

It is a very practical process where an orthodontist will take some X-rays, impressions, and photographs and send these with the proposed treatment plan to the specialists in Invisalign in Barrie.

The impressions will be scanned during this stage, and three-dimensional models of the teeth and occlusion are created. Then, based on the treatment plan, the dental technician would digitally position the teeth in the right places.

As a patient, you will now be involved in the dental treatment plan as given by the dentist. You can make some changes or accept the proposed project.

Once it’s approved, the aligners are manufactured using CAD/CAM technology. In just a few days, the aligners are derived. Then you have to wear each aligner for a couple of weeks and move on to the next one until the result you want is achieved.

Who Would be the Best Candidate for Invisalign?

Both adults and teenagers will benefit from having their teeth aligned. Certain instances call for more precise control of one’s teeth, such as an impacted tooth, teeth with poor bone level issues, closure of extraction, and so on.

These particular situations require more control over the movement of your teeth that is tough enough to handle a removable aligner. A partial fixed orthodontic treatment would suffice in cases like these, or a fixed orthodontic treatment may also do.

Apart from everything else, dentists require the patient’s compliance to achieve a successful result using Invisalign. Should a patient state that they doubt whether or not they can be responsible enough with removable aligners, then the dentist would suggest they opt for fixed braces instead.

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