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Dental Implants Near You

Having missing teeth can cause problems in your daily routine, such as with chewing and speaking. Having missing teeth also make individuals more susceptible to tooth decay and periodontal disease. At Northern Horizon Dental Barrie, we offer dental implants in Barrie as a permanent, natural-looking solution to missing teeth.

Who Needs Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an excellent restorative treatment offered to individuals with missing teeth. People have missing teeth for many reasons, including tooth decay or injury. When you leave spaces in your mouth, you create an area for bacteria to gather and cause issues such as bone loss. Dental implants can prevent this issue, but it is important that you first speak to your dentist about if dental implants are suitable for you. To get dental implants, you must have a strong jawbone and healthy gums to provide enough support for the implants.

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dental implants near you

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

Besides being a permanent and aesthetically pleasing replacement for missing teeth, dental implants offer benefits such as:

  • Restoring your smile
  • Preventing teeth from shifting
  • Preventing bone deterioration
  • Improving your speaking and chewing abilities

What is the Process for Getting Dental Implants?

Dental implants are made of three parts: a dental crown, a biocompatible screw, and an abutment that connects the screw and crown. During the procedure, the screw is implanted into your jawbone and replaces your tooth root. After several weeks, your body should have accepted the screw as a part of your anatomy, and your dentist will secure your permanent dental crown onto the screw. Once secured, the dental crown will look and act like your natural tooth.

How to Look After Your Dental Implants

Even though your dental implants are comprised of artificial teeth, you should still treat them the same way you do your natural teeth. After receiving dental implants, you should:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily
  • Floss daily
  • Avoid hard and sticky foods that could damage your implant
  • Rinse your mouth after each meal
  • Get regular dental check-ups and cleanings

Interested in Dental Implants Near You?

Dental implants are an increasingly popular, permanent, and natural-looking restorative treatment option for individuals with missing teeth. Northern Horizon Dental Barrie is happy to provide dental implants in Barrie to all our patients who are viable candidates for the procedure. Please contact our clinic today to schedule a consultation for dental implants near you!