If you have several missing teeth in your mouth, you may think that traditional dentures are your only option. However, at Northern Horizon Dental, we strongly encourage you to consider implant dentures instead. When you use regular dentures, the fake teeth can be removed. Comparatively, implant dentures are permanent. Additionally, this type of denture can be adapted to the specific shape of your mouth for a comfortable fit.

Why Do Implant Dentures Hold Better than Regular Dentures

Preparing for Your Implant Dentures

Before you can have implants inserted into your mouth, you will need to come into our office to have a treatment plan created. This plan will include information relating to how many teeth you will replace with the dentures and the current condition of your jawbone.

During this initial visit, you should let us know what medications you are taking and if you are currently suffering from any chronic conditions, like diabetes. Additionally, we may go over what sedation options are available to you for the actual implant procedure.

After the Procedure

Once your new implant dentures are in place, it’s critical that you follow our instructions for post-operative care. Please keep in mind that you may experience some minor pain and swelling around the implant site for the first few days. In most situations, we recommend eating softer foods for at least two weeks after the procedure in order to help the insertion site heal.

Contact us at Northern Horizon Dental to find out more about why implant dentures are a beneficial tooth replacement option. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our office.

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