Dentist for Kids in Barrie & Innisfil, ON

It is common for new parents to receive a list of recommended pediatric visits even as they leave the hospital with their newborn. However, it is less common to get information as to when you should first seek out a dentist for kids. It might surprise you that the first visit should actually occur even before the first tooth breaks the gum surface, with regular visits continuing from that point forward. Here are a few reasons why starting early is such a good idea:

  • Establish comfort. If the first time your child goes to a dentist for kids is for an uncomfortable procedure, they will equate dentist with discomfort and feel anxiety going forward. If, on the other hand, there have been several visits that are fun and a good experience, your child will have established a positive experience that will serve them well, even into adulthood.
  • Educational. During those first visits, a dentist for kids will answer your questions about good oral health and proper oral hygiene. Later, your child will learn the best way to care for their own teeth and will be encouraged to ask questions on their own.
  • Proactive care. The earlier your child goes to a dentist for kids, the earlier any problems can be spotted and resolved. This could save your child from more discomfort later and costlier dental services being needed.

Here at Northern Horizon Dental, our Barrie and Innisfil, Ontario dental offices provide excellent dental care for everyone in your family. As a dentist for kids, we recognize how important it is for those first visits to be a good experience. Call us today with any questions you may have.

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