What Types of Sleep Appliances are Available for Those Who Grind Their Teeth at Night?

Teeth grinding is an unpleasant problem that can lead to jaw pain, tooth decay, and even permanent damage to the jaw joints.  It can also be annoying to partners due to the noise, and can cause us to not get fully rested as we sleep.  Each of these is a problem or consequence we would like to avoid. So, what can be done for those who subconsciously grind their teeth at night? There are different sleep appliances that can be used or prescribed to help stop nightly teeth grinding, but the most common we recommend is a customized mouth guard.

Your customized mouth guard is fitted specifically for your unique set of teeth. It helps stop you from grinding your teeth against one another at night, which protects your teeth from the decay and shifting caused by grinding. A properly-made mouth guard will fit and be made from a perfect mold of your teeth.  This is different than over-the-counter teeth guards that are made just by quick impressions and are often from a “one-size-fits-all” mouth guard size.  These also tend to be bulkier, making them less comfortable and harder to keep in your mouth at night.  Each of these problems can cause over-the-counter mouth guards to be ineffective.

Customized mouth guards are just one of the sleep appliances we offer at Northern Horizon Dental.  If you are looking for this, or other types of sleep appliances to improve your rest and save your teeth, give us a call and let us work out a plan that is best for your needs.

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