Are you always nervous when family pictures are on the agenda?  Are you more nervous about being with your family, or about the way that your teeth will appear in the finished photos?  If you’re more nervous about being with your family, we can’t really help you with that.  However, if you are nervous about the way your teeth will look, we can provide you with teeth whitening services that will leave you pleased with your pictures.

While teeth whitening isn’t the best fix for everyone, there are certain factors that make the perfect teeth whitening candidate.  For example, if you used to smoke but have given it up, teeth whitening can help to erase the discolouration that would have occurred because of prolonged exposure to tobacco.  The same is true if you’ve been a lover of teas, colas, coffee, other forms of tobacco, or even if you’ve been exposed to too much fluoride.  Some medications, along with aging, can also cause tooth discolouration, making you the perfect candidate for teeth whitening services.

Even if you meet all of the aforementioned criteria, there are certain times when teeth whitening isn’t the best option for you.  For example, if you are pregnant or have tooth sensitivity, gum disease, damaged enamel, exposed roots, crowns, or veneers, another option may be safer for you.  When you are uncertain about whether teeth whitening is best for you, we can help you figure out the answer.

Teeth Whitening in Barrie & Innisfil, Ontario

If you would like to learn more about teeth whitening, come in and visit us at Northern Horizon Dental today.  We will assist you in determining the best options for your teeth and help you to get ready for those family pictures without dread.

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