Sedation Dentist in Barrie & Innisfil, ON

In a perfect world, every person would begin dental visits as young children, which would enable them to feel completely comfortable when receiving dental treatments. The reality is that even those who do can sometimes feel anxiety, especially when facing a visit that goes beyond a routine exam. Whether you only occasionally feel intimidated or if you avoid visits because the thought of going to the dentist is exceptionally uncomfortable, a sedation dentist could be the answer.

There are various sedation methods that can be utilized based on the procedure at hand and your anxiety level. Your sedation dentist will discuss the available options and what is recommended for your visit. Some sedation methods are just to relax you while leaving you conscious for the treatment. In these instances, a local anesthetic is used to temporarily block plain and is usually administered after you have become relaxed. IV sedation can also be used for more severe anxiety or more involved procedures, such as a root canal or the removal of wisdom teeth.

You should discuss what method will be used prior to your visit so that the sedation dentist can alert you as to whether you should have a responsible caregiver on hand. You may need them to drive you home and stay with you for a few hours till you are back to normal. You might also need to plan for a longer visit to accommodate the administration of the sedation and time for it to wear off a bit.

If you have questions about how a sedation dentist can help you overcome anxiety and make you relaxed and comfortable for whatever dental procedure you are facing, give us a call at Northern Horizon Dental.

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