When the prosthetic is damaged, denture repair is necessary. People need to be informed that they need to handle their dentures carefully. When patients’ dentures break, they may struggle with the decision of whether to buy new ones or fix the broken ones. Learn more about the denture repair process and what you should do.

How Do Dentures Work?

Dentures have existed in some form for many years. Dentists and patients both appreciate how well this device can restore oral health, replace missing teeth, and brighten smiles. Artificial teeth are attached to an acrylic base that is gum-coloured in dentures. The teeth may be constructed of plastic- or metal-covered metal.
A dentist will need to take x-rays and create impressions before fitting a patient with dentures. A technician starts creating the device. During a pre-treatment appointment, the dentist may extract any teeth that cannot be saved. Getting dentures in Barrie can be an effective way to replace some or all of a person’s teeth. Both conventional dentures that sit on the gums and implant-supported dentures are available.

Causes of Denture Damage

A denture can break for a variety of reasons, including normal wear and tear, ingestion of very acidic meals, excessive pressure, temperature fluctuations, and an inadequate fit. If a patient’s dentures need to be fixed or changed because they are broken, they must call their dentist in Barrie right away. The dentures may need to be repaired if they start to be uncomfortable to wear.

Why Opt For Denture Repair?

It is advised that individuals visit a dentist to have their dentures examined and fixed. A highly experienced dentist who can identify the root of the issue and address it must perform the treatment. Your dentist will advise on the best course of action if the denture is cracked, damaged, or missing a tooth, including sending the appliance to a dental lab for repair if this is an option.

Some people might try to fix the dentures themselves. If they attempt to glue the tooth back in the incorrect manner, the other teeth could be harmed. Additionally, improper tooth placement may change the alignment of the bite. This could make chewing challenging and cause jaw joint pain. If the denture cannot be repaired, the patient will need new dentures. If the denture cannot be repaired, the patient will need new dentures.

Additionally, if the patient doesn’t precisely assemble the parts, they can develop gum sores. It’s not always easy to put broken pieces back together. The substances that many people use to glue their dentures may also make repairs more challenging when they do seek professional assistance.

Determining the original source of the denture damage is essential. The issue is very likely to recur if the cause is not recognized. To identify the cause of the damage and provide advice on how to avoid similar issues in the future, the dentist near you will inspect the mouth, teeth, and dentures. Even after a successful repair, the denture could still be prone to refracturing. If the repair is successful, the dentist might be able to give the patient a usage plan so that they can mentally prepare for a complete replacement.

Obtaining New Dentures

The replacement process is similar to getting a new set of dentures. During the appointment, the dentist will take an impression of the patient’s gums and dental ridge. With a few small adjustments to enhance the comfort and functionality of the new teeth, the replacement of getting dentures near you will be created to the same specifications as the old ones.

To Sum Up

Reach out to Northern Horizon Dental Barrie to make an appointment if your denture is damaged. The dentist will recommend replacement dentures if denture repair is not practical.