Cracked Tooth

If a cracked tooth is bugging you, we can determine exactly which tooth it is and come up with a plan for saving the tooth, and your smile.

When you crack one of your teeth, you may have a hard time chewing, experience extreme pain when your tooth is exposed to hot or cold, or have erratic pain throughout your day. In many cases, the pain might come and go, and it can be hard to tell exactly which tooth is cracked.

This is where we come in at Northern Horizon Dental. Please remember that the treatment process we use and the outcome for your tooth depends on many factors, including the type, extent, and location of the crack.
We also want you to remember that if you think you have a cracked tooth, it is essential that you come into our office right away. Not only will this help you find relief from your discomfort, but it will also allow us to treat your tooth before the crack gets worse. In many cases, seeing us about a cracked tooth sooner rather than later can help you avoid extraction and ensure the function of the tooth for many years to come.

Contact us at Northern Horizon Dental to find out more about how cracked teeth develop and the solutions our offices uses when we fix them. As a patient-focused dental provider, we are confident you will benefit from our customized approach to dental care and our commitment to excellent service.

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