Toothache in Barrie & Innisfil, Ontario

The answer to this question is key when deciding if you need to take an urgent trip to the dentist.  Let’s consider the different types of toothache that you may encounter.  To begin with, you may have the toothache that only bothers you when you are eating hot or cold food items, such as hot cocoa or ice cream, indicating that your teeth are sensitive to extreme temperatures.  Another type of toothache is a dull ache that never goes away.  Then there are the toothaches that keep you from enjoying your favorite crunchy foods because it hurts too much to chew.  You also may be familiar with the toothache that comes on after dental work is completed, although this often goes away within a matter of days.  Finally, there are those toothaches that come on suddenly, leaving you rushing for the phone to call and schedule a dentist appointment immediately.

While each of these types of toothaches is annoying and potentially worrisome, the truth is that whenever you notice that you have toothache pain, you want to get it looked at as soon as possible.  Unless of course, you just had dental work done and are expecting a small toothache, although even in this case, if anything seems out of the ordinary, asking your dentist is your best course of action.  While you could try to tough it out, if you have severe toothache pain, you want to call our office immediately.  Often, there are other serious causes of toothache, including grinding teeth, sinus infections, or even a heart attack.  Coming in to see us at the first signs of trouble ensures that we can catch small toothache problems before they become large problems.

Regardless of whether your toothache is infrequent or constant, the best way to find relief is to come in and visit our office at Northern Horizon Dental.  Our goal is to get rid of your toothache, so you can get back to living the life you love.

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