Wisdom Teeth Removal

We can make recommendations for the ideal time to have wisdom teeth removal.

Your wisdom teeth are an evolutionary item that our body used to survive by allowing us to chew food more easily. Today, however, our wisdom teeth don’t always serve such a purpose, and they can often be more problematic than helpful. At Northern Horizon Dental, we are equipped to assist with wisdom teeth removal, so you can enjoy improved oral health and avoid the concerns associated with wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth removal is helpful in a variety of instances. For example, if your teeth are too crowded, wisdom teeth removal can help make room for the teeth you truly need. Additionally, if your wisdom teeth are impacted, it can cause you to have severe pain and illness as they force your other teeth out of place. Lastly, wisdom teeth removal is ideal if you have had other dental work, such as braces at your orthodontist, so your new smile is not affected by teeth that are trying to come in later.

At Northern Horizon Dental, we can make recommendations for the ideal time to have wisdom teeth removal, as well as address problems associated with the entrance of your wisdom teeth in adulthood. If you are experiencing pain in your jaw or face, have symptoms of illness due to your wisdom teeth coming in, or you would like to avoid crowded teeth and other dental issues, wisdom teeth removal may be your best option.

The most important thing you can do is have your oral health checked routinely, and we can help with that here at Northern Horizon Dental. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to discuss whether wisdom teeth removal is the right step for you.

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