You’re eating lunch, and suddenly, a searing pain goes through one of your teeth and it won’t go away. At this point, you will probably be desperate to find some relief. The next time you have a toothache, here are some methods you might want to try to cope with the pain.

4 Ways to Cope with the Pain of a Toothache



  1. Thoroughly Clean Your Mouth- In some cases, a toothache may be caused by particles of food that may have lodged themselves between two of your teeth. Try flossing around the painful tooth, brushing the area, and rinsing out your mouth. You may also want to try rinsing your mouth with a solution of warm salt water.
  1. Try a Painkiller- Although this may not get rid of the pain altogether, taking a painkiller might eliminate some of the discomfort you’re experiencing. However, make sure you only take the recommended dosage listed on the medication’s packaging.
  1. Use a Cold Compress- To lessen some of the pain you’re experiencing, fill a small bag with ice and then cover it with a thin towel. Then, take your cold compress and apply it to the outside of your cheek near the area where you’re experiencing a toothache.
  1. See Your Dentist- One you start experiencing discomfort from a toothache, make sure you contact us at Northern Horizon Dental right away. In many cases, pain in one of your teeth could indicate that there’s an infection or that something else is wrong.
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